A Vanity Fair article on PM Khan mentions Bushra Maneka and jinns

The article has become controversial after it was published a few days ago on the website.

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A new Vanity Fair article focused on Prime Minister Khan contains a rather interesting passage about his wife Bushra Maneka and two jinns allegedly under her control.

Penned by Aatish Taseer, the article has gone viral on social media. However, an excerpt from the piece focuses on the writer’s encounter with ‘a senior media figure’ in Karachi who told him something about Bushra Maneka, the prime minister’s wife.

According to that media figure, Imran Khan’s wife used to help out people with spiritual guidance but she charged an unusual fee.

“A senior media figure in Karachi told me on condition of anonymity, was great vats of cooked meat. These, he explained, over a Japanese meal, she fed to the jinns she kept at her disposal,” he wrote.
Taseer claimed that the media figure told him that Bushra Maneka had two jinns.

Further down the article, Taseer claimed that the media figure also told him that Bushra suggested to Imran Khan that if he wanted to become prime minister, he would have to marry the right woman.
“The voice in her dream was clear: If Imran Khan was to be prime minister, it was imperative he be married to the right woman—i.e., a member of Maneka’s own family,” he wrote.

The media figure then reportedly told Taseer that Bushra first offered her sister’s hand in marriage to Khan, who declined. She then offered her daughter’s hand in marriage which was also declined.

Then she allegedly had another dream and the message was clear this time–that Imran Khan should marry her.

“The stars aligned and Maneka’s husband, a customs official, agreed to give her a divorce, praising Khan as a “disciple of our spiritual family.”

“In February 2018, cricketer and clairvoyant were married in a private ceremony. Six months later, Imran Khan was elected prime minister of Pakistan.”

Bushra Maneka and Prime Minister Khan have in the past, denied rumours that this was how they ended up trying the knot.