5 Reasons Why You Should Join The Climate March

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Globally, states and societies have become increasingly aware of the devastating impact climate change will have on the environment, ecological balance and livelihoods.

Climate change is already being witnessed in Pakistan in the form of rising temperatures, shift in seasonal cycles, irregular and changing rainfall patterns, receding glaciers, droughts, floods and deadly heat waves.

In this regard, Karachi Climate March is taking place during the week of the Global Climate Strike, coinciding with the UN Climate Action Summit 2019 which takes place on 23rd September 2019.

Here are some of the key reasons to head out and join the march today!

1) Pakistan is one of the top 10 countries that has been affected long-term by climate change:

According to the Global Climate Risk Index by Germanwatch, Pakistan is the 8th most affected country in regards to climate change., with heatwaves occurring every year at the least.

The motivation is to put Pakistan in the global conversation on climate change since this country will be one of the worst affected due to changes in the environment and rise in sea levels.

2) 2,000 people in Pakistan died in the heatwave of 2015, and many people since then:

In 2015, 2,000 people tragically died of dehydration and heatstroke in Pakistan, because of the climate change-induced heatwave. While that was the highest number of heatwave deaths in Pakistan, there have been many other heatwave deaths in the years after, with at least 65 people dying in Karachi alone in 2018.

Karachi also witnessed one such heatwave in 2015 when approximately 1200 casualties were reported. In order to meet the threat posed by these changes, Pakistan will need to take radical measures both short and long term.

3) Many animals, from zoo animals to livestock to stray animals to pets, have died in heatwaves:

According to organisations such as WWF and ACF, many animals have tragically died in these heatwaves and torrential rain-induced floods as well.

4) Due to all the heatwaves, trees are dying at a rapid rate:

The lack of trees has led to the loss of homes for many animals, as well as lowering oxygen and shade in a country which desperately needs it. This also lowers the chances of tourism in Pakistan.

5) There will be a lot of philanthropic celebrities present at the march:

Recognizing the immediacy of this threat, groups of concerned citizens have come together in several cities of Pakistan to raise awareness on the issue.

From actors such as Usman Mukhtar and Adnan Malik to politicians such as Sherry Rehman, many celebrities will also be present at the march. Although this isn’t the most important reason to join the march, it is a good meet-and-greet opportunity, along with an opportunity to stand in solidarity with celebrities against climate change.

On the national level, the conversation on climate change has boiled down to just adhoc steps such as tree plantation and ban on single-use plastics.

The Climate March will raise awareness that the issue needs a wider scale of policymaking and regulation that curtails established harmful practices while improves living conditions for the vast majority of our countryfolk.

Many people including students and children have already taken to streets in different cities since morning in a bid to save their planet.