4 Essentials Of Pashtun Culture

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As #PahtunCultureDay trends on social media, note that fascinating poetry, world-famous cricketers and beautifully choreographed dances are part of their heritage.

1) Pakistan has the largest Pashtun population in the world:

As of 2018, Pakistan has a population of 32,804,913 Pashtuns, which is more than any other Pashtun population in the world.

2) Pashtuns are also known for their beautiful poetry:

Afghanistan and K.P.K. were noted for their poetic language even before the Islamic conquest of Afghanistan, with the Pata Khazana containing Pashto poetry written as far back as the 8th Century. Some prominent poets from these regions include Amir Kror Suri, Ahmad Shah Durrani, Timur Shah Durrani, Shuja Shah Durrani, Ghulam Muhammad Tarzi, and Khan Abdul Ghani Khan.

3) Pashtuns dominate many sports, especially cricket:

Many prominent international cricketers in the Pakistan national cricket team have been Pashtun, such as Imran Khan, Shahid Afridi, Misbah-ul-Haq, Yasir Shah, etc. Australian cricketer Fawad Ahmed is of Pakistani Pashtun origin and has played for the Australian national team.

4) Pashtuns are known for their unique dances:

The Attan dance, the Mahsud Attan dance, the Khattak dance, and the Waziri dance are a few of the most prominent Pashtun dances, with beautiful choreography and oufits.