Youtuber Zaid Ali just revealed how much money he makes

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I clicked on this video fully expecting clickbait, but by the end, I was super entertained by the adorable dynamic between Zaid and Yumna. Seriously. Goals. I was hooked the moment I started watching this video.

We can all agree Zaid and Yumna are the perfect married couple, their interactions just leave me actively LMAO-ing

Yumna is my WCE – woman crush EVERYDAY because Wednesdays are not long enough. It’s adorable to see her try and connect with her desi roots, with Zaid’s frustration at her inability to not be cringy. Adorable..

The Q&A started off with disturbing but spicy questions. Who doesn’t want to know the color of Zaid and Yumna’s poop?

Yumna’s answer was ‘amber’ while a disgusted Zaid yelled out, “Bas kardo yaar, next question”. Pfft. Phattu.

I’d say Yumna was feeling ambitious in this video because she even attempted reading Urdu, failing adorably, which lead to a very disappointed and disgusted Zaid..

Come on! Give her a break, she’s trying her best..

She also ended up *TRYING* to sing an Indian song..and let’s just say her memory is not her strong suit.

“Leney tujhe o gori..aenge tere Sapna” *facepalm*

Someone asked what we have all been dying to know, does Yumna get jealous?

Like the smart fulfilled woman she is, she said no. Obviously.

To prove just how great a guy Zaid is, when asked which celebrity woman he would marry had he been given the choice to leave Yumna…he thanked her for her services and said he’s not going anywhere from her.


The thing we all clicked on this video for. How much money does Zaid Ali make?

This amount does not factor in sponsored deals or any other money on the side.

It’s obvious that he deserves all the money he earns, because it comes from hard work that he’s put into his channel. Like he says in his video, he was not well known at first, and making Youtube videos was not a stable source of income for him. But he kept at it, worked hard, improved his content over the years and is now finally at a point in his career where he can proudly say he made it.

He also made a point of motivating anyone who wished to join the Youtube community. He believes that you can always make it, that we have nothing to lose and a lot to gain, which is true. Worth a shot, right?