Yasir Hussain, Iqra Aziz take to Neela Sandh for some relaxation

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RAWALPINDI: Pakistani actor and comedian Yasir Hussain took to the Neela Sandh waterfall in Rawalpindi district on Tuesday, sharing a video of the trip.

Now that Yasir has proclaimed his love for Iqra in front of the world and she said yes to him, they are having fun and letting the world know it too.

Yasir took to Instagram to share a video in which he can be seen chilling with Iqra Aziz at Neela Sandh waterfall.

The comedian went to the resort to chill with his fiance and some childhood friends.

Iqra and Yasir recently made it known to the public that they had gotten engaged in February of this year.

At the Lux Style Awards last month, Yasir went down on one knee and proposed to Iqra. The gesture became a much-talked about one as Yasir planted a few kisses on Iqra’s cheek after she said yes.

Netizens slammed the two for their PDA.