Twitter wants Waseem Akhtar to resign over Mustafa Kamal fiasco

Twitter thinks Waseem Akhtar is not serious about solving Karachi's issues

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KARACHI: A few hours after Mayor Waseem Akhtar withdrew the notification that made Mustafa Kamal ‘Project Director Garbage’, Twitter called on him to resign.

On Monday, Waseem Akhtar issued a notification making Mustafa Kamal the ‘Project Director Garbage’. This was after the former Karachi mayor said that if he had the powers of the mayor for 90 days to clean the city, he would.

The next day, Kamal lashed out at Akhtar but said he would carry out his responsibilities. Akhtar then took back the notification and Kamal was livid.

Twitter slammed the Karachi mayor for not being serious about the whole issue.