Vivek Oberoi gets trolled mercilessly after announcing Abhinandan film

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Vivek Oberoi was trolled mercilessly by Pakistanis on Twitter after he announced that he would be backing a film on Indian pilot Abhinandan Varthaman, on Friday.

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Everyone knew it was a matter of time before Bollywood grasped the chance to make a movie on Abhinandan Varthaman.
Vivek Oberoi has done that, exactly. The actor, who played Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a biopic earlier this year, has decided to back a film on the pilot.

The actor tweeted that he was ‘humbled’ to win the rights of the movie. Obviously, was trolled mercilessly by Pakistanis on Twitter.

Abhinandan’s MiG-21 Bison aircraft was shot down by a Pakistani fighter jet on February 27, 2019 when IAF jets intruded into Pakistani airspace for the second time in two days.

He was returned by Pakistan to India after being held captive for a little more than two days. Prime Minister Imran Khan announced his release during a joint session of the parliament, saying that it was a ‘peace gesture’ towards India.