Sonam Kapoor hits back at anti-Pakistan trolls

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Indian actress Sonam Kapoor, who has been at the receiving end of criticism for encouraging peace with Kashmir in an interview, has asked critics to get a life for misinterpreting her stance.

In a recent Tweet, the actress expressed disgust at anti-Pakistan trolls who have been lashing her on the internet for her peacemaking views towards Kashmir in an interview with BBC on Indian Independence Day.

“Guys, please calm down and get a life,” Sonam began by writing and then added: “Twisting, misinterpreting and understanding what you want from what someone has to say isn’t a reflection on the person who says it but on you. So self reflect and see who you are and hopefully get a job.”

In her interview with BBC Asian Network, which was shared on the news network’s official Twitter handle on August 15, she opened up about the need for peace in the valley and shed light on her family’s cultural ties with Pakistan.

“It’s heartbreaking to see where the situation has landed right now and I’m very patriotic. So I think for me now it’s better to keep quiet and let this pass because even this too shall pass.”

“I am half Sindhi and half Peshawari. So, it’s literally heart-breaking to see that part of my culture is something that I can’t explore.”

The Bollywood actress also went on to share the story behind her name in the interview: “I was named when my parents went to Kashmir and they were there for a while. My dad was shooting for Ram Lakhan and they decided to name me from there. I haven’t been there, since.”

The actress has been under hot waters since the interview, carrying her remarks on Article 370 of the Indian constitution, emerged on social media.

Previously, the Indian actress had also lamented Pakistan’s decision of banning Indian content as tension escalated between the neighboring countries in the wake of Kashmir unrest.