Protester dies amid occupied Kashmir isolation

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NEW DELHI: A protester died after being chased by police during a curfew in occupied Kashmir’s main city, while at least six people were injured in the demonstrations against the scrapping of its special status.

According to a hospital in Srinagar, six patients had gunshots wounds or other injuries caused by non-lethal weapons, agencies reported.

The internet, phone signals, cable services etc have been put to a stop in these areas. Residents have been unable to contact the outside world, and the outside world cannot contact them. Entry in this area is blocked by military troops, and no one is being allowed to leave.

Public gatherings and rallies have also been banned. And two former chief ministers of Jammu and Kashmir, Mehbooba Mufti and Umar Abdullah, have been put under detention.

A traveler claimed hearing intermittent gunfire and other weapons being fired since Monday, soldiers shouting during the night, and saw government troops deployed “every five steps”.

“My car was checked at least 25 times on the way to the airport and it took me almost four hours to cover a distance of hardly 30 minutes,” he told AFP.

Sanna Wani, a Kashmiri poet, took to Twitter to describe the fear and panic gripping Srinagar before she managed to get a flight out.

She said even those residents citing medical emergencies were not allowed to get past a security checkpoint.

The stories of apprehension felt by Kashmiri residents came as UNHCR spokesman Rupert Colville said the communications blackout and security clampdown were deeply concerning.