Shah Rukh Khan-produced ‘Bard of Blood’ features anti-Pakistan plot

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Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s produced ‘Bard of Blood’ Netflix series features an anti-Pakistan plot which shows the country in a negative light.

Shah Rukh Khan and Netflix are receiving flak after the trailer for the Bollywood icon’s produced series ‘Bard of Blood’ was released yesterday.

Bard of Blood stars Emraan Hashmi whp plays a R&AW agent who journeys to Balochistan to eliminate terrorists in Pakistan.

Pakistani actress Mansha Pasha lashed out at the movie and called on India to find better storylines.

“Can india find some storylines that dont show Pakistan in their “rescue missions”. How about some rescue missions for Kashmiris in kashmir? #KashmirStillUnderCurfew”

The movie features Emraan Hashmi as an undercover R&AW agent who is fighting Pakistan’s security forces and militants depicted in Pakistan.

The movie is set in the Balochistan province of Pakistan. Some Twitter users took to Twitter and claimed that Bard of Blood was proof that Indian agents were involved in destabilizing Pakistan.