SATIRE: ‘PM Khan saved money on US trip to spend on senate elections’

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ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan saved money on his US trip to spend on the recent senate elections to ensure that Sadiq Sanjrani was not removed from his post.

This was said by Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Information and Broadcasting, Firdous Ashiq Awan, on Friday. Speaking to the media, Awan praised the prime minister for his impressive ability to save taxpayers’ money on the US trip and instead, using it to purchase 14 senators.

“Previously, the Sharif mafia used to spend the taxpayers’ money on lavish trips abroad,” she said. “Prime Minister Khan only spent a meagre amount on that. The rest was used to buy 14 senators so Sanjrani could keep his seat,” she added.

A reporter from a reputable TV channel disagreed with the government spokesperson. Losing her temper, Awan called him a ‘TC’.

“When the prime minister was in the USA, he lived in the house of the ambassador there to ensure that no one was above the law and even he wasn’t exempt from the austerity measures,” she said.

“According to some reports, he wouldn’t even have regular food. All he had for breakfast, lunch and dinner was a bottle of Gatorade and chewing gum,” she added.

Firdous Awan hailed the 14 senators who had resisted the no-trust motion against the senate chairman. She said that the government would ensure monuments would be erected in favour of the ones who had bravely sided with Sanjrani and opposed their own parties.

“Their bravery knew no bounds. They stood up and defied their own parties,” she said, before being reminded that the no-trust movement was held courtesy a secret ballot.

The government spokesperson said that the prime minister would enact further austerity reforms in the future.

“We also have to funnel funds for the general elections 2023,’ she said.

NOTE: This is a satire piece. It’s a work of fiction. Do give us your feedback in the comments section.