I once slapped a director for harassing me: Sarah Khan

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Pakistani actress Sarah Khan revealed during her latest interview that she slapped a director who tried to harass her.

Sarah Khan is steadily making a name for herself in the drama industry. The actress has the demeanor of a shy and introvert girl.

However, during her recent interview with Wajahat Rauf (aka the Voice Over Man), Sarah revealed that she had slapped the director of a drama in which she starred once.

“I slapped the director of my second drama,” she said. “It happened in the make-up room. Though I was very, very scared and didn’t do it to be a hero,” she added.

Sarah said that she went out of the room screaming and when the director followed her, she slapped him again so that everyone would know.

“I slapped him again for the whole room to see,” she added.

Sarah said that she slapped the director because he asked her out for a movie.

“After I said no, he started pleading with me. He then grabbed my hand after which I completely lost it and slapped him,” she said.

In other parts of the interview, Sarah said that she finds Bilal Ashraf cute. However, the actress said that she didn’t want to date any person from the showbiz industry.

When asked as to what sort of a person she would like to get married to, Sarah said that her husband would be a good human being.

The actress said that she was a lovable person and got along with almost everyone in the industry. Sarah said that she wanted to play a ‘really crazy role’ in a film one day.

The actress also said that she would not prefer to do movies as it had item songs which required actresses to wear really short clothes.

“I know this is not all that you have to do in films but this is also something that you have to do,” she said.