Robber who made funny face at camera during ATM robbery arrested

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FAISLABAD: The robber who was spotted sticking his tongue at the CCTV camera in a viral footage has been arrested in Faisalabad.

Salahuddin, who hails from Gujranwala’s Wah Cantt, was attempting another robbery in Rahimyar Khan but the bank staff monitoring the CCTV recording on the instance was able to recognize the thief and immediately called the police.

Punjab police learnt that the robber was unable to speak.

A footage from his earlier robbery in Faisalabad’s Katchery Bazaar at an ATM went viral as the robber turned to the main camera and made a funny face by sticking out his tongue at the camera.

Next, he did the same at the camera installed in the ATM.

The footage provided details that prior to the robbery, a man was trying to withdraw money from his account but realised the card wasn’t coming out, at which, he went to get help.

In the meantime, the thief identified as Salahuddin came in and easily took off the top shelf of the machine and stole the card. He was able to withdraw a total of Rs64,000.