Priyanka’s version of ‘patriotism’ is crime against humanity: Neelam Muneer

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Neelam Muneer is another face from the Pakistani showbiz to have come forward in the alliance against Priyanka Chopra, UN Goodwill Ambassador for Peace, concerning her jingoistic and warmongering remarks at multiple occasions.

Commenting on Priyanka’s recent remarks that she is not fond of wars but she is ‘patriotic’– Neelam Muneer wrote on social media that “her [Priyanka’s] ignoring the human rights violations because of patriotism is a crime against humanity.”

Neelam further said that such a bias response was expected from Priyanka as she is an Indian national.

She also extended her sympathies for the Kashmiri brethren, who are now watching the economy getting destroyed at the hands of India following the ongoing clampdown and communication blackout.

Both small and large businesses in Jammu and Kashmir are facing near irreversible losses since the government of India changed the disputed region’s autonomy, accompanied by a clampdown for about 15 days.

Thousands of people, mostly young male protesters, have been arrested and detained in Indian-administered Kashmir during an ongoing security lockdown imposed more than two weeks ago.