Parey Hut Love: A complete waste of time & money

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By Lalarukh Ejaz

Zara Noor Abbas acted well- but I’m still confused about who she was in the movie and why she was in it 🙈.

Parey Hut Love was a complete waste of time and money – there was NO story whatsoever. Series of unimportant disjointed events spun together- which were painful to watch.

There were no characters— forget building of characters—- unbelievable! And even Nadeem acted weird with strange and stilted dialogue delivery. He murdered ‘hamesha dair kr deta hoon main’ Munir Niazi’s work with his rendition!

1- The female lead ( Maya something ) needed much less make up base or definitely a better matching one

2- Mahira Khan actually did look much older than the male lead—-Firdous Jamal was sort of right no matter how class less he was in stating what he did

3- Bad dancing— our stars have no grace. It’s maybe time someone courageous started a dance training institute-

4- every Tom, Dick and Harry showed up in the movie for a few seconds without rhyme or reason like fawad khan, marina khan ( without so much as a word from her) , the Meera ji, Sonya Jehan, Fariha Altaf and so many more —- ajeeb!

5- the only good thing about the movie were the costumes