People are calling for a boycott of Momina Duraid’s ‘Superstar’

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Pakistanis on Twitter are talking about boycotting Momina Duraid’s upcoming movie ‘Superstar’ which stars Bilal Ashraf and Mahira Khan in the lead roles.

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Momina Duraid ignited the Firdous Jamal controversy which had died down after a few days. The head of MD Productions announced that she would ban Firdous Jamal from HUM TV after his recent comments against Mahira Khan evoked anger on social media.

However, a strong reaction on social media against Momina for igniting the controversy needlessly erupted. Several celebrities and prominent people lashed out at Momina for boycotting Jamal.

Some people even went as far as saying that they would boycott Momina Duraid’s upcoming movie ‘Superstar’ which is set to hit theatres on Eid-ul-Adha.


Momina Duraid has so far not responded to the backlash on social media.