No change in US policy on Kashmir

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The United States on Friday said that there is no change in its policy on Kashmir and called on India and Pakistan to maintain calm and restraint.

“Our policy on Kashmir has not changed,” said State Department spokesperson Morgan Ortagus when asked if there has been any change in America’s policy on Kashmir.

“And if there was, I certainly wouldn’t be announcing it here, but no, there’s not,” she added.

The US policy regards that Kashmir is a bilateral issue between India and Pakistan and it is up to the two countries to decide on the pace and scope of the talks on the issue.

“I mean, I think obviously this is something that we watch incredibly closely. It’s something that we’ve called for calm and restraint by all parties.

“We want to main peace and stability, and we, of course, support direct – the direct dialogue between India and Pakistan on Kashmir and other issues of concern,” the spokesperson added.

Responding to concerns over Indian atrocities, the State Department said, “We have a lot of engagement with India and Pakistan. Obviously, we just had Prime Minister Khan here, not just because of Kashmir. That’s certainly an incredibly important issue and something that we follow closely.

“We have a host of issues that we work with India on quite closely and that we work with Pakistan on quite closely,” she said.

In this regard, the State Department spokesperson urged that the conflicting nations opt for direct dialogue.

“Whenever it comes to any region in the world where there are tensions, we ask for people to observe the rule of law, respect for human rights, respect for international norms. We ask people to maintain peace and security and direct dialogue.”