Pak’s martial artist Muhammad Rashid snatches another record from India

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KARACHI: Pakistan’s martial artist, Muhammad Rashid Naseem on Sunday snatched another Guinness World Record from arch-rivals India.

According to details, Rashid Naseem smashed 234 walnuts in a minute to rip off Indian martial artist, Prabhakar Reddy, from his record of crushing 229 walnuts in the given time.

Muhammad Rashid Naseem revealed that he always looks to break records belonging to the arch-rivals, India. Meanwhile he dedicated the record to the people of Indian Occupies Kashmir.

While talking to Rashid said that he wanted to break this record and dedicate it to Kashmir.

“I have broken 15 Indian records in the past. When I find a record of an Indian athlete, I try to break it,” he added further.