Don’t get married if you can’t serve your husbands: Mrs Khan

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A ‘Rishta Aunty’ or the head of a renowned marriage bureau, Mrs Khan, became the target of vitriol on social media after she lashed out at women during a talk show.

“Nowadays woman talk a lot and answer back at everything,” she said. “We used to teach women to take care of their husbands. When they return from office, to straighten their shoes and have rotis made already,” she added.

Mrs Khan started shouting and saying that women nowadays were talking back to their husbands which was wrong.

“If you cannot take care of your husbands, if you cannot take care of your family or your children, you don’t have the right to get married,” she said angrily. “Don’t get married then.’

Mrs Khan said that women nowadays were answering back and mistreating their husbands.