Modi complains to President Trump about Khan’s statements

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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Singh Modi has reportedly complained to US President Donald J Trump about Prime Minister Imran Khan’s recent statements against India.

Indian media reported that Prime Minister Modi conveyed to Trump that Khan’s “extreme rhetoric and incitement” towards anti-India violence was not conducive to peace in the region.

Prime Minister Imran Khan, on Sunday, called Modi’s government racist and Hindu supremacist and said that the BJP-led government posed a threat not only to Pakistan but also minorities in India as well.

Tensions have soared between India and Pakistan ever since the revocation of Article 370 and Article 35-A by the Indian government. Article 370 recognised occupied Kashmir as a special territory.

Pakistan reacted sharply to the Indian move, downgrading diplomatic ties with New Delhi and suspending trade with the country.

Both countries have frequently traded fire over the Line of Control (LoC) ever since August 5 when India revoked Article 370.

Prime Minister Khan had warned India in his Independence Day speech that if India decides to attack Pakistan, Islamabad would answer ‘every stone with a brick’.

Khan also said that this time, Pakistan would teach India a lesson.

Khan has frequently likened Modi to Hitler and the BJP to the German Nazi party. He has called on the international community to stop Modi from butchering Kashmiris and snatching their rights.