Modi slaps Trump’s hand hard, Twitter has a laugh

Prime Minister Modi can't top embarrassing himself

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PARIS: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi embarrassed himself at his G7 Summit meeting with US President Donald J Trump by slapping his hand hard.

Modi has been known to make a fool of himself at international forums. The Indian prime minister recently held a press interaction with US President Trump.

Speaking in Hindi, Modi told reporters that they would know more (about a certain topic) when he and Trump spoke about it.

“Modi actually speaks very good English,” cracked Trump as everyone laughed.

Modi took it a bit far, grabbed Trump’s hand and slapped it hard.

Modi and Trump spoke about the issue of occupied Kashmir and India’s illegal annexation. Trump said that India and Pakistan should talk about the issue of Kashmir.

“We spoke last night about Kashmir, Prime Minister [Modi] really feels he has it under control. They speak with Pakistan and I’m sure that they will be able to do something that will be very good,” he said.