I fear ‘Nazar’, one shouldn’t be active on social media: Minal Khan

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Pakistani actress Minal Khan said during an interview that she feared ‘Nazar’ (the evil eye) and due to that, she wasn’t active on social media.

The actress was speaking to Samina Peerzada on her show. Minal shared a lot of details about her bond with Aiman Khan.

When Samina asked Minal whether she ever became jealous of Aiman, she replied in the negative.

“We have never been jealous of each other,” she said. “Never ever. This is because whatever we have achieved in our lives, we have done it for each other, our parents and our siblings,” she added.

Minal said that even till date, Aiman and she used to wear each other’s clothes.

“Even when she got married, she left behind all of our clothes for me. I asked her to take them but she only said that she had whatever she wanted,” said Minal.

Samina asked Minal whether one should be active on social media or not.

“I believe in ‘nazar’ a lot. I don’t think you should be active on social media,” she said. “Not because it’s a bad thing but because people are never happy for your happiness. I believe in the evil eye,” she added.

Minal said that she believed that marriage happened when God wanted it to happen.

“Me and Aiman never thought too much about getting married. It can happen this year, the next year or even two years down the line,” she added.