Mika Singh tenders apology for performing in Karachi

The singer says it was a coincidence but said he shouldn't have gone to Pakistan

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Indian singer Mika Singh apologised for performing in Karachi a few days after tensions between India and Pakistan flared, leading to both nations downgrading ties with each other.

The singer held a press conference with officials of the Federation of Western India Cine Employees (FWICE) where he admitted that he had made a mistake by performing in Pakistan and apologised.

Mika said that he had to perform in Pakistan as priro commitment had been made. He said that he shouldn’t have performed nonetheless.

The singer said that it was a co-incidence as he went to Karachi to perform at a wedding and a few days later, ties between India and Pakistan deteriorated.

“This was a commitment signed long back. The timing was wrong that I went there because the decision on Article 370 has just been taken. I called the federation and told them that this was a mistake. I apologise for the mistake and I won’t repeat it again. I got a visa, so I went (to Pakistan). If you get a visa, you will go, too,” he said.

FWICE decided to revoke the ban they had placed on the artist for performing in Pakistan. Mika took to Twitter to declare his happiness.

However, Mika Singh’s interaction with media turned ugly as the singer got angry at some questions posed to him by reporters.

“Do you (media) know that Neha Kakkar and (Pakistani singer) Atif Aslam performed here only two months ago? Do you know that Sonu Nigam also performed together with Atif four months ago? Why did no one say anything then? When I do something, the media talks about it to grab headlines. You want me to get angry so that you can show it on your news channels and (publish it in) the newspapers,” he said.