Mehwish Hayat takes on Bollywood on Sky News’ ‘Sunrise’

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Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat slammed Bollywood and Hollywood film industries for portraying Pakistanis as ‘bearded men with guns’ and ‘backward terrorists’.

Mehwish Hayat appeared on Sky News’ ‘Sunrise’ to talk about the way Pakistanis were being portrayed in a negative light in Hollywood and Bollywood movies.

“Unfortunately this has been going on for some time now and has been fueling Islamophobia,” she said.

The actress said that films have the power to influence mindsets and attitudes. She said that showing Pakistan as a country with ‘bearded men with guns & backward terrorists’ as well as ‘subjugated women’ had affected them greatly.

“When I travel around the world, the general misconception is, ‘Oh, you belong to a terrorist country’,” she said.

Mehwish said that Pakistanis deserve a fair portrayal, if not a positive one, in films and movies.
“At least do your research before talking about us,” she said.

The actress recently spoke in Oslo where she slammed Indian actress Priyanka Chopra for her response to a Pakistani girl at a beauty event in Los Angeles.