Maya Ali’s disappointing ‘Balma Baghora’

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The video for Parey Hut Love’s song ‘Balma Baghora’ was recently released, featuring Actress Maya Ali, Sheheryar Munawar, Zara Noor Abbas and Ahmed Ali Butt. The video was received with criticisms by fans who found the video to be of bad quality and were not shy to voice them.

Fans pointed out that the song had many similarities to other Bollywood songs, that it sounded like multiple Bollywood songs mashed into one. The music video does seem as if the budget spent on it was low, leading to the bad quality and lack of originality in the video.

It seems as if the video is Maya Ali dancing in front of a green screen, and later being edited onto the video of the backup dancers. The effort seems to be zero, with repetitive scenes.

It was not taken well by Twitter:

Even director Shamoon Abbasi voiced out his discontent with the video. He took to Facebook to publicly criticize the song, albeit mentioning, “No disrespect to anyone” before making his point.

The singers for the song are Aima Baig along with Munawar and Butt rapping a few verses.

‘Parey Hut Love’  will be out in cinemas 8th August. Here’s hoping the movie is better than the song.