Leaked cinema videos: Salman Sufi to file lawsuit against theatres

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ISLAMABAD: Salman Sufi, the former director general of Punjab’s Strategic Reforms Unit, announced that he was filing a lawsuit against cinemas allegedly involved in leaking videos of couples.

His tweet came a day after some videos of couples having intimate moments in a Pakistani cinema hall were leaked to social media and WhatsApp groups. The leaking of videos ignited a heated debate about people’s right to privacy.

“Just found that video recordings of citizens from cinema halls in #Pakistan have been shared around. This is NOT acceptable and is a violation of law. We demand that all theaters/Public places delete ALL video recordings that have no recorded safety threat ASAP,” Sufi tweeted, who was added to list of top 5 men from around the world who worked to end violence against Women by the Vital Voices Global Partnership, an organisation working under the chairmanship of Hillary Clinton

“And add a Non disclosure agreement in every ticket purchase that gives the citizen a right to NOT allow the management to keep their recording if there is no safety threat. This is a serious breach of our privacy right & can never be allowed. #PrivacyIsARight @nighatdad

With help from DRF @nighatdad and @syedanidaaly of @Asma_Jahangir firm I intend to launch a lawsuit against the establishment of such theaters who’s staff has been leaking videos. Management has a obligation to protect the citizens who trust them, any breach will not be tolerated,” Sufi announced on Twitter.