Lahore police arrest woman accused of beating up saleswoman at Packages Mall

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LAHORE: The woman who beat up a saleswoman at Lahore’s upscale Packages Mall has been arrested, a government official said.

The arrest came a few hours after a video clip of the suspect hitting, dragging and puling the saleswoman’s hair at Packages Mall went viral on social media sites. 

The woman can be heard telling the terrified saleswoman to say sorry. It is not yet clear what prompted the unidentified woman to act in this manner, but according to some social media users the saleswoman was beaten up for refusing to show a mirror.

The video caused an outrage as neitizens called for the Punjab authorities to find the woman and award her exemplary punishment as per the law.

Punjab govt spokesperson Dr Shahbaz Gill tweeted that the woman was taken into custody.

“Well-done Lahore police for your prompt action. The lady will now be transferred to a woman police station from Factory Area Police Station,” Gill tweeted.

Ahsan Saifullah, a senior police officer, tweeted that an FIR against this lady has been registered at PS Factory Area in Lahore.