10 reasons why nobody gives a F*CK about Karachi…

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KARACHI: If you’re from Karachi, you know it really well by now. No one (and I mean NO ONE) actually gives a F*CK about the city anymore.

1. Waseem Akhtar thinks Mustafa Kamal is Anil Kapoor from Nayak and the entire country is his province to give. If you’ve seen the movie, you know what I’m talking about

2. The minute the mayor appointed Mustafa Kamal the director-of-garbage-whatever, he confirmed his own helplessness as the city’s mayor. I mean, why else are you in-charge?

3. Waseem Akhtar will neither admit his failure (it’s Sindh Government whose at fault and the federation doesn’t want to do anything) nor resign out of protest. He’s quite fine the way he is –a useless mayor with no value.

4. Mustafa Kamal gets every opportunity he gets to start mouthing off about Karachi. I mean, isn’t you party’s name ‘Pak Sarzameen’ or is ‘Karachi Sarzameen’? Do you have ANYTHING to say about national politics, at all?

5. Mustafa Kamal wasn’t serious to begin with when it came to solving the garbage solution. The way he reacted after the post was given to him by the mayor, abusing Waseem Akhtar and making fun of him, we knew even he hadn’t taken the news seriously.

6. This is the 12th year that the PPP is in power in Sindh and it hasn’t done ANYTHING for the people of Karachi

7. Remember Bilawal’s ‘baarish statement’? The less said the better. These are the justifications (ashamed to even call it one) that our leaders have for when citizens get electrocuted to death

8. The PTI leadership remains as clueless about Karachi as it was before it won a heavy mandate from the city

9. PTI’s Karachi leadership depicts how serious it is in solving the city’s problems. Imran Ismail, Faisal Vawda, Arif Alvi (he MAY be the odd one out here though) Aamir Liaquat, Ali Zaidi and Firdous Shamim Naqvi.

10. People are suffering from diseases. Malaria, typhoid and other diseases. Flies are on the rise. Hospitals do not have the latest equipment to cope with the health crisis which may spiral out of control in the coming days.
There’s more but let’s leave it for now. We will hopefully touch on that in our listicle number two. We still haven’t gotten around to the jostling for funds and K-Electrocutions, have we?