Sixteen-year-old Karachi boy killed for alleged theft

Victim's mother claims her son was innocent, had gone to collect money for services

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KARACHI: A 16-year-old boy was killed by two people for alleged theft, Saturday night. However, the mother of the boy claimed that he was innocent.

According to SAMAA TV, Rehan was killed by two people for allegedly thieving from their house. He was accused of stealing valuable items from a bungalow in Bahadurabad by the property’s owner.
Police have arrested the bungalow owner and his friend for reportedly murdering Rehan.

Rehan’s mother spoke to SAMAA TV and claimed that he was innocent. She said that he had gone to the bungalow to collect money as he had sacrificed animals and wanted to be paid for the service.

“I worked at the bungalow. They [the house owners] have snatched my son from you,” she said.
Daniyal, the owner, said that Rehan was a trained thief and was throwing valuables from the roof over to his two friends.

A video of Rehan appeared on social media in which the boy can be seen bruised and begging for mercy. The video went viral on several Facebook pages after it was posted.