Indian (retd) General pens his ‘right to travel’ after Canada’s visa refusal

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Canadian Visa officers in India recently rejected the applications of several Indian men in uniform because of their prior military services.

According to an Indian news channel, two retired Lieutenant Generals, three Brigadiers and two senior officials of Intelligence Bureau (IB) have been denied visas on the ground that their organizations were engaged in violence.

India warned of a strong exception to Canadian Immigration for referring to the Intelligence Bureau as a terrorist organization and threatened of retaliation if Canada does not issue an apology.

Lieutenant-General Amreet Singh, a current member of the armed forces tabular, has also been denied a visa to visit Canada under the same restrictions, Indian media reported.

In this regard, Ameet Singh, who also served as former director-general military operations and former quartermaster General, wrote a letter to the Indian Defence Ministry to condemn the restriction imposed on him.

“It is highly lamentable that a foreign mission is allowed to cast aspersions on an officer with an unblemished service record, and therefore, the Army as a whole,” the Indian media cited the report.

“Civil society and the international community are well informed about operations in Jammu and Kashmir. it is urgent submission that the government take a strong exception to this situation and take up the matter at the appropriate levels,” the letter read.

“In addition, as soldiers, we serve where we are ordered to. It should be no one’s argument that service deployments have any bearing on post-retirement entitlements, as a citizen of the country and ex-army officer, I believe I have every right to see the requisite permissions to visit any country of my choosing,” the letter concluded.

Sources said the Canadian High Commissioner called the rejection over his services as a sector commander in Jammu and Kashmir, ultimately contributing to the Indian atrocities in the disputed region.

The Indian reports also alleged that Canada has been deliberately hurling insults at Indian security establishment.