Indian officer quits top govt job over Kashmir situation

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NEW DELHI: A 33-year-old Indian officer resigned from his the coveted government job over denial of fundamental rights to millions of people in the Indian-occupied Kashmir.

“…Not that my resignation will cause anything even worth a flutter. But one has one’s own conscience to answer to, I guess,” Mr Gopinathan was quoted as saying by Indian news channel NDTV.

Mr Gopinathan is credited for transforming a loss-making government electricity distribution firm into a profit-making one.

“In (Jammu and) Kashmir, fundamental rights of lakhs of people have been suspended for 20 days. And many in India seem to be okay with it. This is happening in India in 2019. Article 370 or its abrogation is not the issue, but denying citizens their right to respond to it, is the main issue. They could welcome the move or protest it, that’s their right,” Mr Gopinathan told the news channel.

This issue disturbed me enough to resign, he said.

Mr Gopinathan gave his resignation on August 21.

“Even when a former IAS officer was detained from the airport, there was a complete lack of response from civil society. It seems like most in this country are okay with this,” said Mr Gopinathan, referring to how IAS officer-turned-activist Shah Faesal was sent back to Srinagar from Delhi airport while he was about to take a flight abroad.