India subjecting Kashmir to state terrorism under garb of fighting terror: Shehla Rashid

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NEW DELHI: Activist-cum-politician Shehla Rashid has accused India of resorting to state terrorism in the Indian-occupied Kashmir under the garb of fighting terror.

In a Twitter statement on Saturday, the Kashmiri politician said warned the present violent and illegal Indian actions would fuel more insurgency in the valley.

“Indian govt is cracking down on the human, civil and political rights of Kashmiris under the garb of “fighting terror”. I’m sorry, but this isn’t about fighting terrorism. This is terrorism. State terrorism. Yes, Kashmir has had an armed insurgency – a direct result of such violent policies by the Indian govt since 1953,” she wrote.

“The Indian govt has always undermined and overthrown the authentic leadership of Kashmiris, and rigged elections, installed puppet regimes. THAT is what pushed Kashmiris to shun the system and take up arms,” she argued.

“If anything the present violent, illegal actions of the Indian govt in Kashmir will fuel more insurgency. Indian govt has weakened the case for democracy and strengthened the argument for armed insurgency.”


Rashid, who joined the Jammu and Kashmir People’s Movement political party, founded by detained Kashmiri politician Shah Faesal on 17 March 2019, urged the international communityto build pressure on the Indian government.

“Any attempt at holding elections now will be merely a sham, not an exercise in democracy. We might all be gagged and imprisoned, but the international community, Kashmiri diaspora and progressive groups across the world must build pressure on Indian govt to undo its unconstitutional, illegal, unethical and undemocratic actions in Kashmir.”

“We, Kashmiris, appeal to progressive leaders – Bernie Sanders, Jeremy Corbyn, Jacinda Ardern and Justin Trudeau in the first-world to understand the issue and not be misled on the issue. The present Kashmir crisis was precipitated by India’s ruling party for its own political gains,” she added.