Illeana D’Cruz, husband unfollow each other on Instagram, delete pics

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Bollywood actress Illeana D’Cruz and her husband, Andrew Kneebone, unfollowed each other on Instagram and deleted pictures of each other, on Monday.

Illeana D’Cruz and Andrew Kneebone were in love. That is, a couple of years ago. Recently, the actress and her husband, it seems, are going through a rough patch.

Both Illeana and Andrew have deleted each other’s pictures on Instagram and unfollowed each other. Previously, Illeana and Andrew had loved-up pictures of each other on Instagram.

Illeana’s last post about Andrew was a cute picture of the two, hand-in-hand on July 19. It was his birthday.
“Happy Birthday you gorgeous man. Wish I could’ve been with you today but hey I kinda am,” she wrote in the caption.

She had previously also shared how Andrew had helped her battle depression.

“Things had got so bad that I was pushing people away. I didn’t realise how much I was alienating people. I would constantly refuse to go out when friends would call. At one point, I didn’t realise I was at home for a week… After that, I got an ultimatum from him,” he said.