Huma Qureshi angers Indians by tweeting in favour of Kashmiris

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Huma Qureshi and her brother are known for not biting their tongues and keeping it real. Recently, the actress spoke for Kashmir but angered Indians instead.

Huma took to Twitter and spoke out for the plight of the people of Kashmir. She urged people not to give their opinion irresponsibly and to think of the old and the children.

“Every1 with opinions on #Kashmir.I humbly say this-you have no idea of the life,bloodshed & loss of Kashmiris(Pandits&Muslims)

“Pls refrain from irresponsible commentary.There are people – women,children,old&sick people.Put urself in their shoes at this very moment & be sensitive,” she tweeted.

This did not go down well with several Indians. Some of them even urged her to go to Pakistan.

Tensions are on the rise between India and Pakistan after the former revoked Article 370 of the Indian constitution and bifurcated occupied Kashmir into two parts.