Hatim Tai: A must-watch play for all ages

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In a country deprived for entertainment, I found out about a play called ‘Hatim Tai’ by Kahani Ghar, running at Arts Council especially for children— saw the performance this evening and what a gratifying experience it was to be able to look at my boys watching an Urdu play completely engrossed!

Heck, even I enjoyed the play and was transferred back to my childhood.

Kudos to the team for sending across relevant and powerful messages with the seven phrases Hatim had to solve while the villain and his sidekicks continually kept the audience in splits.

I wished that some of the characters had microphones but that’s about it.

Of course, the props lighting sound, etc left much to be desired — but the script was witty and acting on point! Particularly noteworthy were Ajnabi as IKL Jadugar, Hammad Khan as Balu Jin and Syed Jamel as Taklu Jin.

Really hope that such productions keep happening more and more!

If you have kids please take them to watch the play! It’s running for two more days at the Karachi Arts Council. It will be an evening well spent.