Hania Aamir’s tweets exposing Modi are the best thing on the internet today…

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Pakistani actress Hania Aamir lashed out at Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday, exposing him with a series of tweets and videos shredding his claims.

Hania took to Twitter and in a series of tweets, condemned the Indian prime minister for assuring the people of Kashmir on the one hand about protecting their rights and on the other, where his followers in India are subjecting Muslims to torture and persecution.

She tweeted three videos of Muslims being beaten up and forced to chant ‘Jaye Shree Ram’.

“So modi jee says the removal of article 370 will result in a better future for the people of Kashmir. Quote on quote “Kashmir kai logon ka vartman sudhre ga Aur bhawishr surakshit hoga” really? You think beating people up and forcing them to chant “jaye shree raam” is going.. (1)

“to give the people of Jammu & Kashmir a better future? He continues to talk about how baki “baitiyon ko jo haq milte hain woh jammu kashmir ki baitiyon ko nahi milte” and you think killing and harassing their fathers husbands brothers will aid women empowerment in Kashmir?(2)

“And then he continues to talk about the minimum wage act and the minority act that does not exist in Kashmir! You don’t get to speak about minorities! Under your government this is how the minorities are being treated! Harassed, bullied, killed, bombed!(3),” she tweeted.