Hamza Ali Abbasi says there is no “love story” with wife-to-be Naimal

ISLAMABAD: Film and TV actor Hamza Ali Abbasi has clarified that there is no love story with Naimal Khawar Khan despite his decision to tie the knot with the actress.

Taking to Twitter on Wednesday, Hamza Ali Abbasi said that he and Naimal were just friends two years.

“Grateful for the flood of invites on TV shows to talk abt our “Love Story”, but as disappointing as it sounds thr is none. We were just frnds for 2 yrs & recently Allah put it in my heart to ask her to marry me for reasons i mentioned and she said yes… Thts the entire story 🙂,” Abbasi said.

In a Twitter earlier, the actor confirmed that he was marrying Naimal Khawar Khan.

The actor, who recently performed Hajj and as a result got his head shaved, gave props to his wife for agreeing to tie the knot with him as he would be bald on the day of their nikkah ceremony.

“Yup, its true. P.S Massive respect to Naimal for being ok with a Ganja me on Nikkah,” he tweeted with a snapshot of a lengthy Instagram post.

Hamza said that he was thankful to Naimal for accepting his proposal and was elated to say that she was happy to tie the knot with him.

“Now we can’t even breathe without each other,” he said.

“We are looking forward to a lifetime together in pleasing Allah together,” he wrote. “Pray for us.”


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