10 takeways from Hamza Ali Abbasi & Naimal Khawar’s wedding

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Hamza Ali Abbasi’s wedding with Naimal Khawar Khan was one of the most beautiful affairs in Pakistan’s showbiz industry. We decided to do a 10 takeways from their wedding list…

1. It’s actually great that Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khawar set an example by keeping it ‘simple’. No showbazi, guys. Great example for regular folks who aren’t millionaires.

2. Hamza and Naimal actually love each other. Did you see how she shouted with joy when she saw him?

3. They are one cute couple. See how Hamza says ‘Beizti hogayi’ when he offers to pick up her dress from the floor but she does it herself.

4. Hamza and Naimal were ‘platonic friends’. Yep, even that can happen, we know that.

5. People who preached ‘live and let live’ were particularly pissed off at Hamza and Naimal. Pseudo feminists and liberals were exposed. Sigh.

6. Hamza and Naimal are probably this year’s most popular couple, leaving behind Iqra Aziz-Yasir Hussain, Muneeb-Aiman & Hassan Ali-Samiya.

7. No one had any idea Hamza and Naimal would marry! I mean, did newspapers or tabloids even get a whiff that the two were romantically linked?

8. She’s the only one he follows…on Instagram! Isn’t that cute?

9. As Hamza calls it, both of them are looking forward to a lifetime of pleasing Allah together…

10. Hamza was bold enough to show up to his wedding with his head shaved and sporting sunglasses. He paid tribute to his wife for bearing that look but we’re impressed. It paid off. He looks good…