REVIEW: ‘Superstar’ is a simple love story told well

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Ok so here goes nothing…

I watched Superstar this evening ( quite grudgingly after PHT) but I was pleasantly surprised.
The movie had a story ( yay!), albeit not an earth shattering one, which was woven nicely , acted refreshingly and edited well- The transitions from one scene to the next were very fluid.

The songs were a treat to the ears and eyes , barring the first one in which the male lead was made to bare his torso ( which still needs a lot of work to be able to do that ——and may I add That the pelvic thrust dance moves were cringeworthy). The rest of the songs were beautifully done and gelled very well into the story. Must mention how far we have come in the choice of singers , with such melodious voices.

Mahira khan acted much better than I have seen her act ever before. It appears that she is finally coming in her own element as an actor —- almost there —I wish she would not eat up the last words of her sentences though (-unnecessary eye brow expressions / raises and forced pursed smiles need to be done away with -) —the less make up she wears the better she comes on screen.

Bilal Ashraf shows a lot of promise- just one scene of badly done histrionics in the whole movie ( in the theatre scene ) otherwise that dimple and the lovesick looks he gave ‘noor’ ( Mahira khan) are enough to make hearts melt ( not mine ).

Finally some movie utilised Nadeem properly and made us remember why he was a superstar of his time ! Enjoyed his role and delivery.

Mahira khan and Bilal Ashraf looked very good together. The casting and acting of the younger sister ‘chutki’ is worth mentioning. She did a good job as well.

All in all I enjoyed this movie. It’s a simple love story, told well.