Enough is enough: Feroze Khan lashes out at Firdous Jamal ban

The actor has taken on Momina Duraid for banning Firdous Jamal

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Pakistani actor Feroze Khan reacted sharply to Momina Duraid banning Firdous Jamal from HUM TV after he passed sexist comments on Mahira Khan.

News reports claimed that Momina banned Jamal from HUM TV dramas after he claimed on national TV that Mahira had gotten old and should play the role of a mother.

He also claimed in the same interview that Mahira was an ‘average’ and mediocre actress.

Feroze slammed Momina for banning the actor for voicing his opinion.

“My question is this what freedom of speech gets you ?! Getting someone’s bread and butter cancelled ?? If it does … then I want every single bastard out there bashing any human being on the internet get cancelled the same way !! Coz you can’t ! 🙂
Enough is enough !” he tweeted.

Mahira had responded to Jamal’s sexist comments via a heartfelt handwritten note on Instagram. The actress had thanked her fans and colleagues for standing beside her.

“In a world full of hate, let’s choose to love one another,” she had written. She had urged people to stop picking on one another so that the industry and the country can thrive and move forward.