Deepika Padukone meets boxer Amir Khan in London

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British-Pakistani boxer Amir Khan met Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone in London as the former and his family clicked pictures with the latter that went viral on social media.

It’s not everyday that you see Deepika Padukone and Amir Khan clicked together. The Bollywood actress was in London where her husband Ranveer Singh is when she chanced upon the boxer at a clothing store.

Deepika was shopping when she met Amir Khan and his family. The two chatted for a while before clicking picture as well.

Deepika had made headlines a few days ago when she referred to her husband Ranveer Singh as ‘daddy’ in an Instagram post.

Fans of the celebrity couple went wild on the internet and speculated that the couple was about to have their first child.

We’re glad Deepika and Amir met if only for a brief chat. As tensions soared between India and Pakistan, a few good gestures here and there will do both countries good.