Danyal Zafar’s debut single featuring Hania Aamir breaks the internet

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Danyal Zafar has made a huge splash with his debut single and music video ‘Ek Aur Ek 3’ alongside actress Hania Amir. The song and the video are breaking the internet.

This was one of the most awaited debuts of the year and Danyal Zafar did not disappoint. Zafar not only wrote the lyrics to the song but also composed it and was the music director as well.

Hania Amir in the video is a breath of fresh air. She plays the ‘Lady in Red’ in a sexy avatar and is Danyal’s damsel. The song features Danyal singing impressively in a wide range of tempos and the music video is quite creative.

Some stellar guitaring from Danyal is matched by a perfect blend of qawwali in the middle of the song. The music video, which is garnering praise, has been directed by Abdullah Haris.