Criticism to PM’s call for weekly Kashmir protests draws ire of Shireen Mazari

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ISLAMABAD: Federal Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari has slammed people criticizing Prime Minister Imran Khan over his call to hold weekly Friday protests against Indian annexation of Kashmir.

“Amusing to c those who r ok with protesting for them when they r under threat (prof of FC College for ex) or for what they believe to be HR abuses, now criticising the call for nationwide weekly peaceful protests to show solidarity with Kashmiris suffering ethnic cleansing in IOK,” Mazari tweeted.

“So by their logic Pakistanis should stay silently at home while a genocide threat looms in IOK and while Kashmiris across LOC in AJK suffer daily killings at the hands of Indian occupation forces and the Rogue Modi govt? Ordinary person can only protest so why object?

She also took a dig at NGO workers, saying they can stay home instead of joining the protests.

“The NGO-INGO and “fearful of donors” crowd can stay home but why object to those who wish to protest against Rogue Modi Govt’s fascism to protest PEACEFULLY? Seriously question the intent behind this criticism!”