Unclean Karachi: City’s Sangam cricket ground turned into dumping yard

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KARACHI: While the ‘Clean Karachi’ campaign seems to be in full swing, a cricket ground in the midst of the city has been turned into a dumping yard.

According to a tweet by journalist Faizan Lakhani, much of the garbage being collected from all parts of the city is being dumped at a local cricket ground.

The Sangam cricket ground, according to the journalist, is located in Azizabad. The ground is situated in the middle of a residential area and is proving to be a health hazard for locals residing in the area.

“Karachi’s Sangam Cricket Ground turned into a garbage dumping area, the ground is in middle of a residential area in Azizabad and locals complain that the garbage has been dumped by people who are chanting about cleaning Karachi,” he tweeted.

Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs, Ali Zaidi, has kickstarted the #CleanKarachi campaign. The federal minister claimed that with the help of the people of Karachi, he would clean the city and its sewerage pipes within two weeks.

The movement has won praise from people on social media as well as endorsement from celebrities.