‘Cheekh’ has ended but Pakistanis are left wanting more…

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Pakistani drama serial fans are certainly not disappointed as ‘Cheekh’ ended on Saturday, with the final episode sending fans in a daze and clamouring for more.

It’s not everyday that a Pakistani drama like Cheekh graces our TV screens. It’s first episode (which aired on January 5, 2019) kept us hooked till its last one aired. Saba Qamar, Ushna Shah and Bilal Abbas Khan did a remarkable job on the show.

We’re not going to go much into the details of the last drama episode so that those who haven’t watched it yet can do so. However, we can certainly tell you that the episode has ended and people have fallen in love with it.

#Cheekh started trending at number one on Twitter in Pakistan are here’s what people are saying:-


WAJIH❤️ Aaj Rula Diya. 😭😭😭😭Today while watching last episode of #Cheekh I came to realize that I was watching the whole story along WAJIH side all the way. Your performance made me to stick onscreen constantly every saturday since last months. I want to say 1 word WOW! 💯👏🏼❤️ pic.twitter.com/d0V0BH8F7E

— Aisha. (@Aishmeet1) August 10, 2019

Do watch the drama and let us know in the comments section what you think about it!