Pizza franchise turns Bilawal’s ‘baarish’ statement into marketing post

Bilawal's 'Ziyada barish hota hai toh ziyada paani ata hai' statement has gone viral

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LAHORE: A Pakistani pizza franchise has used PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s recent statement on Karachi rain to market its brand.

What better way to market a 20 inch pizza slice than Bilawal’s recent ‘Jab ziyada baarish hota hai toh ziyada paani ata hai’ statement.

Donjon used the PPP chairman’s line and turned it around to market its latest offering, a 20 inch pizza slice with a slightly modified caption.

“Donjon ka pizza ata hai tou maza ata hai. Jab Donjon ka bara pizza ata hai tou bara maza ata hai. Introducing 20″ bara pizza,” reads a caption on their social media post, which has gone viral.

During a press briefing, Bilawal had said in response to the damage caused by rains:-

“I know my chief minister has spent his birthday and even Eid holidays in knee deep water in Karachi to provide relief to citizens. Jab baarish hota hai toh paani ata hai. Jab boht baarish hota hai toh boht paani ata hai,” he had said.
The internet had mocked and made fun of the PPP chairman for his remarks.
Good on the brand for turning it around and using the viral statement to market its latest offering.