Aseefa, Bakhtawar condemn arrest of Maryam Nawaz

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KARACHI: Bilawal Bhutto’s sisters Aseefa Bhutto and Bakhtawar Bhutto on Thursday reacted angrily to the arrest of Maryam Nawaz from Kot Lakhpat jail, where she went to see her jailed father Nawaz Sharif.

The arrest came a day after the government and opposition parliamentarians unanimously adopted a resolution against Indian move to annex Kashmir after changing its legal status through a presidential order.

Maryam Nawaz was taken into custody by a NAB team after she failed to appear before the anti-corruption watchdog in a corruption inquiry.

According to PML-N leaders, Maryam Nawaz was arrested after she drew huge protest rallies in the recent days.

“As the stock market plummets and the Government ambles aimlessly over a response to India’s aggression in Kashmir, the Selected Govt thinks it wise to arrest its political opponents. Pathetic distraction at the cost of Kashmir,” Aseefa tweeted.

Earlier Bakhtawar Butto Zardari also called the PTI government for what she described as witch hunting opposition.

“Imran & his fascist incompetent government still witch hunting opposition and sleeping over Kashmir. Pathetic,” she said.