Federal Minister Ali Zaidi left embarrassed by citizen

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KARACHI: Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs Ali Zaidi was left embarrassed on Monday when a citizen refused to corroborate with his statement on PPP’s bad performance.

The federal minister was overseeing cleanliness work in PPP’s Saeed Ghani’s constituency. A local TV channel was interviewing the federal minister.

Zaidi turned the attention of the camera crew to a citizen standing nearby, urging him to talk about the dismal water situation.

“There used to be a water issue in our locality but then Saeed Ghani solved it,” said the citizen, not corroborating Zaidi’s version.

The federal minister, who had himself called the man and urged him to speak to the media, then started arguing with him.

“For how many years has the PPP been in power? Why did they not solve your problems and your issues?” he asked.

The video went viral on social media, with many laughing at Zaidi’s expense.

Ali Zaidi has started a campaign to clean Karachi after heavy rains during the past week inundated roads and increased the garbage problem of the city.