SATIRE: Aiman Khan, Muneeb Butt announce 1,257 baby showers

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Pakistani celebrity couple Muneeb Butt and Aiman Khan have announced that they will hold 1,257 baby showers, in line with their tradition to hold long celebratory events.

Taking to Instagram, Muneeb announced that he and his wife will be holding 1,257 baby showers for friends, family and celebrity guests.

“I’d like to announce that my wife and I will be having 1,257 baby showers,” he said. “We would also like people to respect our privacy and not cover our events. Of course, we will upload the pictures on our Instagram, wear ridiculously coloured clothes and invited a host of celebrities, but we ask that you respect our privacy,” he wrote in a rather lengthy Instagram post, attaching emojis as well.

The actor said that the baby showers would continue for more than two years after the baby was born.

“Actually, Aiman was the first in her family to get married and I was the last in mine to tie the knot so our baby shower will continue even after our child is born,” he said.

Muneeb said that there was a good chance that his wife’s twin sister, Minal, will get married and the baby showers will keep on continuing.

“Sometime three years down the road, if Minal decides to get married at that time, she will tie the knot in a simple ceremony during the afternoon and will attend our baby shower celebration later in the evening,” he said.

In response to a question about his endorsement of a ‘Say no to dowry campaign’ after his lavish wedding events, Muneeb said that he would launch another campaign after his wife’s baby showers ended.

“After the baby showers end, me and Minal will start the trend to stop doing things on social media for attention and fame,” he said. “We feel that just like our anti-dowry campaign on social media, we are the perfect couple to speak out against celebrities seeking attention on social media,” he said.

The actor ended his lengthy Instagram note before announcing that each baby shower would cost around Rs144,000.

NOTE: This was a satirical piece! Have a laugh and do let us know in the comments section, whether you liked it or not. We wish Muneeb and his wife all the best for their first child. Cheers!