After Firdous Jamal, Nadia Khan criticises Mahira

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Pakistani actress and TV show host Nadia Khan has lashed out at Mahira Khan just a few days after veteran actor Firdous Jamal had questioned her acting skills.

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The actress was being interviewed by the host, Ahsan Khan. Nadia was asked by Ahsan to rate Mehwish Hayat, Mahira Khan and Saba Qamar in terms of acting.

Nadia refused to talk about Mehwish and Mahira’s acting skills and instead, chose to praise Saba.

“I think Saba Qamar at number one and then it’s Iqra Aziz and then again, Iqra Aziz,” she said. “She (Iqra Aziz) is not even in the list when she should be. I’m a big fan of her,” she added.

Nadia said that she would not like to rate Mehwish and Mahira’s acting skills.

“I’ve said something very clever–you’ll understand it after a day,” she said to Ahsan.

This statement comes a few days after veteran actor Firdous Jamal was taken to task for opining on Mahira’s acting skills.

Firdous had also said that Mahira was too old to be cast as a heroine. He advised her to start playing the role of a mother instead.

Social media and several celebrities slammed Firdous for calling out Mahira and labeled him a mysoginist, urging him to take back his sexist remarks.

Momina Duraid, the head of MD Productions, banned Firdous from all HUM TV dramas and films. However, the move backfired as everyone slammed Duraid for taking an extreme step.